There are some things you should do on a regular basis:
- Clean the filter. When you open the door there will be filter visible at the bottom of the tub. You should turn the filter handle clockwise or counterclockwise to take the filter off. Sometimes the filter is made from two pieces. To make sure you're doing it right check the User Manuel. If don't have one you can usually download it from the internet or call the manufacturer's customer service for web link or an electronic copy of the manual. Have dishwasher's Model Number at hand when checking online or calling the customer service. The most common symptom for prompting you to clean the filter is that dishwasher doesn't clean well.
- The other reason for not cleaning well is if the holes on any of the spray arms are clogged. There is usually a way to take off the bottom spray arm so you can clean it with running water. Check the User Manual to see how to take off the bottom spray arm.
- Another reason for not cleaning well or not dissolving the detergent pack is that the water entering the dishwasher is not hot enough. This is usually caused by hot water supply pipe or hose being too long. The easiest solution to this problem is to run hot water through the tap on your sink until becomes hot, close the tap and then run the dishwasher.
If your dishwasher makes foam on top of the water inside the tub, or if leaks foamy water underneath the door - that means that you are using old or inappropriate detergent packs. Dishwasher detergent is supposed NOT to make any foam. It it does make foam - you should change the detergent packs with fresh or different ones or just switch to liquid type of detergent.
There are specialty detergents to clean the actual dishwasher - dishwasher cleaners. They are available in many stores. One brand, for example, is Affresh. There is also a type for cleaning washing machines.

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