Ceramic top stove:
- To clean the ceramic top of the stove there are special cleaning chemicals and, also there is another type of chemical which you use after the cleaning and its purpose is to protect the surface. There is also a special patty knife to scratch the solid residues from the surface.
- Be carefool when you are trying to reach something from the cabinetry above the stove. I had a few customers they drop an item which broke the glass.
Old-fashioned stove with spiral elements on the top surface
- If you are replacing an element then check how the connectors on the old element look like. If they are not shiny like the ones on the new element that means that the socket where the element is inserted - is burnt or corroded and also needs to be replaced or your new element won't last long.
All type of stoves:
- I had a few customers they couldn't open the door or start the oven after self-cleaning. The door lock got damaged. To make sure you never have this problem, just use a cleaning spray.
- If there is power on the control panel but none of the elements work then you have problem with the power supply to the stove. This is because for the control panel to work only one line and neutral are needed but for any of the elements to work you need both lines. Check your household breakers if this happens.
- If your stove preheats too slowly and actually never reach the desired temperature, check the baking element. If the baking element is ok then most likely the main control board needs replacement.


  1. Wendy on May 17, 2024 at 3:41 pm

    My bottom element in the oven stopped working. Should I try and find a new one (it’s an older Inglis stove), or #hould I get a brand new stove?

    • admin on May 17, 2024 at 10:05 pm

      Hi, Wendy,

      Please provide the model number and I will let you know the part number and the price. Most likely it is wort replacing the element.

      Dragan, 416-616-3774

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