About Appliance Repair GTA

Appliance Repair GTA is a one man operation - owned and operated by Dragan Panic from Toronto

About Me

Hi! My name is Dragan Panic and I am the only employee and technician in the company. This is of a benefit to you because when you call - you will actually talk to the person who will personally perform the work, so, you will get straight answers to all your questions. No middleman, no miscommunication.

I am a passionate problem solver and trouble shooter and I have an electomechanical engineering diploma, as well as lots of experience in repairing of various electromechanical devices and equipment, of which - over 15 years of appliance repair alone, European and North-american combined.

I am able and willing to make that extra mile to make you, as a customer, happy as much as possible for long time to come.

All your questions and suggestions are always welcome. Please call me any time at 416 - 616 - 3774 and let me know how can I help you.

Thank you!

My Story

As a kid I was fascinated by all things that electricity can do. While still in elementary school I was making thinks like light- shows, audio amplifiers, radio receivers... and generally interested in finding out how things work. 

In year 1987 I acquired an Electromechanical engineering diploma in former Yugoslavia, today's Croatia, and start working as a technologist in a maintenance department supervising around 30 people: electricians, plumbers, welders and others. Several years later I start fixing home appliances, first as a side job, and, then, I start doing it as may full time job on my own.

In year 1998 I came to Canada and first five years spent fixing and maintaining various types of food equipment: large coffee machines (like those in Starbucks), medium size ones (like those for several hundred dollars), food processing equipment (slicers, grinders, vacuum packers, etc...) and in year 2006 I start fixing home appliances and I am still doing it and will continue for at least another 10 years.

If you would like to discuss any appliance related issue, I am just a phone call away. Please call me any time at 416 - 616 - 3774. Thank you.