Decision about repairing vs buying a new washer is a little more complex than in case of a dryer.
The first thing to consider, regardless of age, is whether is washer very loud when spinning or not. Very loud means that you can't have a conversation while beside the washer, or, if the noise bothers you while you are in you living room (and the washer is in the basement). If the level of noise is half the level of as described above - it will reach that level in a mother of months or a year or two. This noise comes from back bearing (front load washer) or the transmission (top load washer). Those repairs could easily cost as much as two thirds (or more) of a new washer, and is the best thing to do - just buy a new washer.
Other than the above problem with noise, there are basically two other groups of problems (price-wise):
The simpler one, and very common, is that washing machine doesn't drain. Most people would think that the drain pump would need to be replaced, but in reality this is rarely the case. In 95% of "no drain" problems something is just clogging the drain system. The price of the repair would depend on time spent (drain pump and internal hoses accessibility) and should cost CAD 180 - 250. In a rare case when a new drain pump is needed it would cost 100 to 250 more - including the pump and extra work for the replacement.
The last group of common repairs is the one when something needs to be replaced. That "something" in most cases would cost CAD 150 - 300 with labor costing additional 180 - 250 in most cases.
Today most washing machines last 7 to 10 years with an exception of older ones which could last up to 15 years. Very few models today in use are older than 15 years (maybe 5%).

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