When comes to stove dilemma (repair or buy a new one) there are several case scenarios and I will describe them from the most expensive to the least expensive. I am talking about purely electric stoves here, mentioning gas stoves at the end of this post.
- The glass on the top of the stove is broken. This would cost you, parts and labor, in most cases CAD 500 - 1,000. If your stove is older than 5 - 10 years (depends of how often you cook) and you never replaced any of the heating elements - you should probably replace the stove (because - soon you will have to replace one of the heating elements).
- One of the surface elements doesn't work. In case of ceramic top stove - the cost of this kind of repair, parts and labor, would be in most cases CAD 400 - 600. When comes to this most people just decide to use the stove as is - since there is still at least one functioning element of each size. In case of a stove with spiral elements (old fashioned ones) the repair would usually cost CAD 200 - 300.
- Oven doesn't reach desired temperature or doesn't heat at all. In this case chances are that baking element or control board needs replacement. Baking elements cost from CAD 50 (aftermarket) to 220 (some very expensive originals). Replacement could take from 5 minutes to an hour, so price could vary a lot. If the baking element is ok then most likely the control board would need to be replaced. The control board replacement would cost from CAD 180 (if control panel is at the rear of the stove) up to 250 (if control panel is at the front) plus the control board itself an extra 200 - 300 in most cases if the control panel is at the rear, or, 300 - 600 if the control panel is at the front of the stove.
- Gas stoves. Since gas stoves don't have expensive heating elements (they have gas burners) the repair costs should be more reasonable, since the most commonly replaced parts are not that expensive (gas valve, burner or ignitor). Please keep in mind that replacing the whole stove would cost extra few hundred dollars since this must be done by an appliance technician licensed to work with natural gas and you shouldn't disconnect or reconnect the stove from/to gas line by yourself.

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