"Should I repair or replace my refrigerator?"

The decision would depend on the job that needs to be done.
Basically, there are four levels of repair from the cost perspective. Let's start with the worst case scenario:
1. Compressor needs replacement.
This is the most expensive repair. You are looking to pay CAD 1,000 - 2,000. Almost everyone just buys a new refrigerator at this point;
2. Major (other than compressor) component needs to be replaced such as a control board or air dumper assembly. The cost for those kind of repairs would be
CAD 400 - 600.
3. Minor (not that expensive) component needs to be replaced, like - defrosting timer, defrosting thermostat, defrosting heater, evaporator fan, condenser fan, water filter housing... price: CAD 250 - 400. And, the last case scenario:
4. No component needs to be replaced. The most common type of this kind of repair is water leak: There is a formation of ice underneath the evaporator preventing the water to go down the tube into the drip pane. This job is simple but could be time consuming - depends on the size of the ice build-up. Price: CAD 180 - 250.

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