Maybe 1 or 2 percent of customers have a gas dryer, not just purely electric one. In this case, when thinking about replacing it you have to count in an extra cost of disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one to the gas line. This job has to be done by a technician who is licensed to work with natural gas. It will cost you several hundred dollars extra, while an electric dryer you might be able to install by yourself or with help of a friend.
Next factors to consider are the age of the dryer and how much you use it (a few loads weekly or much more?). If used by two adults only (a few loads a week) it could last up to 15 or more years assuming that you had to fix it once or twice during this time... or maybe never before. Dryers have wearable parts and if before and/or now this is what needs (needed) to be replaced than it is tolerable repair which was waiting for you to happen down the road sooner or later and you will now have new wearable parts (fresh, new, start).
But, if it is something else (like motor, timer, control board) then you should probably replace the dryer especially if you haven't already replace any wearable parts in that dryer. Wearable parts are belt, idler pulley, rollers or bearings (front and/or back), heating element, thermal fuse (thermal fuse is not rally wearable part but it is meant to burn if dryer or exhaust pipes are not clean).
If not sure - call a technician and you would have to pay only for a service call in case you decide not to proceed with the repair.

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